Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Bush Agenda?

WASHINGTON - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed portrayed himself to a U.S. military tribunal as al-Qaida's most ambitious operational planner, taking responsibility for planning and supporting 31 terrorist attacks, topped by 9/11, according to an account of his confession.

The gruesome attacks range from the suicide hijackings of Sept. 11, 2001 — which killed nearly 3,000 — to a 2002 shooting on an island off Kuwait that killed a U.S. Marine, according to an account released by the Pentagon.

In listing the 28 attacks he planned and another three he supported, Mohammed said he tried to kill international leaders including Pope John Paul II, President Clinton and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

He said he planned the 2002 bombing of a Kenya beach resort frequented by Israelis and the failed missile attack on an Israeli passenger jet after it took off from Mombasa, Kenya.

He also said he was responsible for the bombing of a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia. In 2002, 202 were killed when two nightclubs there were bombed.

Kata saya...Terror betul mamat ni. Semuanya dia plan. Yang peliknya hari tu US beriya-iya mengatakan Abu Bakar Bashir yang bertanggungjwab ke atas pengeboman di Bali tu. Apa nak jadi ni Bush. Engkau punya Intelligence Angency tu dah tak intelligent lagi kut. You better resign now before your popularity go down the septic tank!!!

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