Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Universiti Kolej Universiti

March 28 2007 Dalam the STAR N53 comment by V K Chin:

There is a vast difference between a university college and a university. The former is limited to providing education leading to a first degree, while the latter can perform a similar function but have facilities for post-graduate training of their students.

Hello Mr Chin, are you just speaking your mind without doing any homework? Please refer to Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi for the correct definitions of university college and university.

However, many of the new universities are offering new courses whose marketability is still uncertain. After all, the bottom line is still getting a job on graduation, and it will be difficult for students to study a subject they are not sure of.

Again Mr Chin, do your homework properly! Please show us your statistics. Otherwise shut up! Can you compare the percentage of unemployed graduates from these new universities with the established universities. I don't think you have the numbers and of course you cannot convinced me with heresays.

Ada lagi dua perenggan yang dia sentuh saya dah malas nak balas... mengabiskan beras aje.

Kata saya...nasihat saya pada En Chin dan juga the STAR, kalau nak bagi komen tu biarlah ada dengan statistiknya. Saya fikir En Chin ni tak tau hujung pangkal sejarah penubuhan Kolej Universiti ni. Dia tak buat penyelidikan sebelum mengeluarkan komentarnya. Saya kata...buatlah homework dulu En Chin sebelum menulis tu!!!

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